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Why do I have to add End-Users in CUCM?

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We know we have to add phones within CUCM but why end users?

Adding “End Users” can allow the end user to make their own changes within the PBX system such as:

-Configure their own speed dials (using a web admin page from anywhere on the network)

-Configure their Call Forward All destination number (using a web admin page from anywhere on the network)

-Setup the Extension Mobility feature (Extension Mobility is equivalent to Avaya/Nortel’s Virtual Office Login feature)

-Allow usage of soft phones which typically require user logins

-Subscribe to XML services on their phone

Another example would be to carry out user tracking and reporting (ex. long distance usage tracking) by the administrator on a per user account basis

These End Users can be added manually one at a time however a more efficient way to add multiple users is by using the CUCM Bulk Administration Tool.  This can be especially efficient if the client can populate this BAT (Excel) spreadsheet for you with all the end user data.

Steps for Bulk End User Import:

-Add a new End User Template (under the Bulk Administration section) with the appropriate parameters applicable to ‘all users’

-Download the “bat.xlt” file (from upload/download section)

-Add the end users details within “bat” file (ensure Macros are enabled within MS Excel); scroll to the right and click the ‘Export to BAT format’ button and save to local PC

-Upload the newly modified to CUCM (as a “Users File” with transaction type as ‘Insert Users’)

-Now we have the two pieces required to add the list of End Users to CUCM, the globally applicable “End User Template” and the “Bat file”

-Go under Bulk Administration / Users / Insert Users, select the comma separated BAT file and the previously created User Template and submit to “run immediately” or “later”.

-The status can be checked under Bulk Administration / Job Scheduler

-We can confirm the End Users have been added by going to User Management / End User to see the list of newly added users with the merged information (of the End User Template and BAT file).

That’s all for now.. Bez

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