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What is ____________?

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What is Analog?

Analog communications involves taking a carrier (electrical) wave (for ex. an oscillating sine wave) and modifying (modulating) its shape in some way to communicate a message.  When this signal is received (by the receiver) these modifications are understood to be the message and is demodulated (by electronics) to present the original intended message to the receiving party.  To provide a simple analogy think of smoke signals being modified so that the recipient can determine what the message is based on some agreed-upon smoke signal code book. This technology is used in our everyday lives within our home (analog) phones.  Whether you (or grandmother) are still using the old rotary dial phones or the latest cordless phone available on the market analog technology is at play.

What is DCE?

Network equipment that interfaces to DTE is often referred to as Data Circuit-terminating Equipment (DCE).  Data Terminal Equipment (DTE) are typically user devices to which service is provided to by the network (DCE device).

What is DTE?

Data Terminal Equipment (DTE) are typically user devices to which service is provided to by the network.  Network equipment that interfaces to DTE is often referred to as Data Circuit-terminating Equipment (DCE).
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