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Cisco Switch Security Checklist

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Security is a basic consideration which should always be kept in mind when building, engineering and deploying voice and data networks of any size.  The following is a quick checklist to reference for very basic router security.

-Physical Security

-Set Logon and Passwords

-Disable the web server(s) (i.e. http and https)

-(config)#no ip http server (no ip http secure)

-Limit the remote access subnets (access-list)

-Use SSH whenever possible

-Configure logging

-(config)#logging buffered 64000
-#show logging

-(config)#logging A.B.C.D (IP address of Syslog server ex. Kiwi Syslog)

-Limit CDP reach (when possible – required for IP phones).  CDP broadcasts being sent out by switch every 60 seconds which can be sniffed with all switch information.

-(config)#no cdp run

-(config-if)#no cdp enable

-Use BPDU Guard on portfast ports.  If a BPDU is detected by the switch on the port it will shut the port down since ‘portfast’ ports should not have other switches connected to them.

-(config-if)#spanning-tree bpduguard (Don’t accept BPDUs on this interface)

**BPDU Filter:  Do not send or receive BPDUs on the interface.  It will ignore BPDUs coming into the port; can be dangerous since detection is not available with BPDU filter turned on.

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