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Cisco IP Phone SCCP (Skinny) Call States

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Cisco IP Phone SCCP (Skinny) Call States

This is a list of SCCP call states sent by CUCM to SCCP endpoints:

  • 1—Off Hook
  • 2—On Hook
  • 3—Ring Out
  • 4—Ring In
  • 5—Connected
  • 6—Busy
  • 7—Line In Use
  • 8—Hold
  • 9—Call Waiting
  • 10—Call Transfer
  • 11—Call Park
  • 12—Call Proceed
  • 13—In Use Remotely
  • 14—Invalid Number

This Cisco CallManager trace shows that Cisco CallManager sent 2 (see boldface characters) to the SCCP endpoint. It represents the call state of On Hook.

03/01/2006 16:43:19.808 CCM|StationD:
    (0000044) CallState callState=2 lineInstance=1

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