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The Four Enemies of Voice and Video Traffic

It is the never ending battle of real time voice and video traffic against the following evil foursome.  Here is a quick reference of who/what they … [Read more...]

SIP Response Codes

SIP Response codes are a means of communication for the Session Initiation Protocol.  They are pre-defined responses to SIP Requests which have been … [Read more...]

What is GARP (Gratuitous ARP Protection)?

Gratuitous ARP (protection) This is an example of a typical standards based (beneficial) LAN feature which can be used in some cases by the bad … [Read more...]

VoIP Packet Overhead

The world of packet overhead, the envelopes which ensure our information reaches our destination. It is easy to forget these specific values … [Read more...]


Stay Tuned!  Articles coming soon. … [Read more...]