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Unified Communications:
Vast, unbounded and technical.

These are some of the key words which come to mind when I think about describing Unified Communications from a network engineering perspective.

The objective of this site is to (hopefully) provide a plethora of information related to our ever evolving world of unified communications in an organized fashion.

The well-defined yet at the same time disparate set of UC tools and systems leads to a vast area of encompassing technology.

As we as a society move forward into the future of communications the trend and desire is to unify this experience.  As we stand today this experience is still far from unified.  The major telecommunication vendors are working hard towards finding ways to create tools and interfaces which can give them the leading edge in winning over the end-customer in choosing their system as the UC solution of choice.

Ultimately the final winner MUST be the end-user.  For this to happen the fragmented solutions by differing vendors must begin to adhere to a common standard which would ‘hook’ their UC solutions to a common layer representing user location, presence and identity.  Ultimately this common ‘identity layer’ must be defined by a standards body for all telecommunication vendors to comply with.

As we go forward we will need to observe and understand Unified Communications ‘one step at a time’.  I am hoping this site can help you in doing just that.

Best Regards,

Behzad Munir

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