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Archives for December 2011

Why Globalize and Localize Numbers?

The concept of globalizing numbers and then turning right around and localizing them before presentation to the phone initially seems confusing and … [Read more...]

North American Numbering Plan (NANP) and E.164 Recommendations

The following is a map of international calling codes from around the world: Zone 1:  NANP countries and territories Numbers beginning with +1 … [Read more...]

Why do I have to add End-Users in CUCM?

We know we have to add phones within CUCM but why end users? Adding "End Users" can allow the end user to make their own changes within the PBX … [Read more...]


The Real Time Transport Protocol (RTP) transports audio payload between devices. The Real Time Transport Control Protocol (RTCP) carries the call … [Read more...]

Media Processing

The following are the typical types of media processing which DSPs are designed to carry out: Coding: The process of converting TDM voice to … [Read more...]

VoIP Packet Overhead

The world of packet overhead, the envelopes which ensure our information reaches our destination. It is easy to forget these specific values … [Read more...]

Common Audio Codecs and Sample Sizes

G.711 :  64Kbps  - Mean Opinion Score (MOS) = 4.1 G.729 :  8Kbps  - Mean Opinion Score (MOS) = 3.92  (more processing resources required than … [Read more...]