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Archives for September 2011

Cisco Access Lists

Uses: Access Control NAT QoS Policy Routing Route filtering Demand dial routing   Rules: List is read from top to bottom … [Read more...]

OSPF Router ID

The OSPF Router ID: -Identifies the router to OSPF neighbors (#show ip ospf neighbor) -The highest physical interface is selected (the interface … [Read more...]

Configuring OSPF

Cisco OSPF Router Commands: -(config)#router ospf 1 (1 is a process ID between 1 - 65535.  It is locally significant) -(config-router)#network … [Read more...]

OSPF Hello Packets

OSPF Hello Packets contain the following information for neighbor relationships: -Router ID -Hello and Dead Timers ** -Network Mask … [Read more...]

Distance Vector Loop Prevention Mechanisms

1. RIP has a maximum allowed distance of 16 hops after which the route is considered invalid.  Therefore RIP can really be only used on small … [Read more...]

Cisco Switch Security Checklist

Security is a basic consideration which should always be kept in mind when building, engineering and deploying voice and data networks of any size. … [Read more...]